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This is the first time in the State, the bread packets will have seals which will carry the “Best Before date” on them, which are tamper proof says Bhat. The company has also launched Diet Rusk and Diet Bread in Bangalore.....


Butterkrust bread launched with expiry date - Polykorp Pvt Ltd has launched the Butterkrust' that would be large sized, soft and rich in protein and would be targeted at the higher end of the consumer segment


Polykorp Ltd launches 'Beekays' bakery items ....More importantly. Beekays' said that their products uniqueness lies in the extra fibre content and carbohydrates making it different from other bakery products. Their products was very well received by the participants in the fourth National games held in Bangalore in 1997....


Living by bread alone

The old fashioned bakery still has its place at a time where fast food joints seem to be the craze when it comes to be a quick bite. It only shows that there is a place for what is traditional and well established, as well as the new fanged and well-packaged 'modern' fare. Hence, B. S. Bhat, managing director of Polykorp Pvt Ltd., banked on this concept years ago when he shifted from selling electronic goods to the food business.

A series of visits to various bakery exhibitions across the globe lead Bhat to introduce advanced technology into the bakery... Bhat's interest in his business has also led him to form Bakers Shoppee Pvt. Ltd. “Bakers Shoppee was recently registered and it provides solutions for bakery industry. It provides solutions for bakers to upgrade their technology." Bhat adds.He is also working on opening a chain of outlets called "Bakery Café", which would provide one-stop shop for people looking out for a quick bite. “The bakery products along with coffee would be available at an affordable price. We would provide the inventories and are currently looking out for franchisees", says Bhat.


It's history in the balling A CAKE A DAY

The undisputed king of all the bakery items. obviously is the cake. Bhat said, “The cake making unit of Beekay's is the most technologically enhanced one; barring a few processes, most are conducted with the help of machines."

Bum Bum Bole

As we witnessed, making something as simple as a bun takes hours of labour and the right mechanism. It was interesting to see a machine make 36 buns in one go. According to Bhat, 2,000 to 2,500 buns are made every day.

Of Teatime Stuff

There is no better companion for tea than biscuits. If you are not a big fan at the latter, you can always opt for the stronger version: the rusk. Added advantage: they are endowed with vitamins. Beekay's also makes sooji rusk, which is slightly different from the normal rusk.

“In sooji rusk, we also add sooji for enrichment. For the health-conscious and diabetic patients, we have diet rusk which have no sugar,” said Bhat.

Success story since 2002, there has been no looking back for this company, which supplies bakery products to not less than 170 IT companies. “We supply to major tech giants, including TESCO, IBM, Accenture and many others."

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